How To Post a Message

New Members are restricted from posting New Threads in the For Sale forums until they have demonstrated knowledge of the forum and how our online community works with their posts. After 4 such posts, including posting an image, new members may request an upgrade to normal privileges.

* You must be registered. If not, click on "Register"
* Click on the "Login" link on the upper right, then login with your username and password
* If you are not then already on the list of forums, click on "Forum List"
* Select the forum category most appropriate for your question and click on that forum title.
Most questions are posted on "General Petroliana Discussion"
* On the selected forum, there will be a link on the upper left in a box, "New Thread" Click on that.
* Then fill out the topic form and click the submit button.
Don't worry about being just perfect, the group is understanding of new members.

To reply to a message
* Go to the message and click on "New Reply" on the upper left
* Or use the quick reply form at the bottom of each topic page
* Or click the button at the bottom of that form, "Use Full Editor"
The quick form does not have the image upload "File Manager" option like the full reply form does.

If you are trying to post a new topic on the "For Sale Petroliana for Bid, Offers" forum category, keep in mind that permission must be granted to post new topics there. Click on the "Contact" link on the top of that page to request permission and give the reason why. After approval, the "New Thread" button will appear in that forum when you login.

Post your photos
Instructions: Click on "New Thread" or "New Reply" or "Use Full Editor" * Then click on "Attachment Manager" * Add text in caption box * Click on "Select a File" and select your image * After 1 upload, click "Select a File" button to upload another * Click the "Done" button. Fill out the Subject and Post message (no image code is needed) Preview button will NOT show image * Click "Submit"

If you still have difficulty, please click on the "Contact" link and send me a message with an explanation of what step you are on and what the problem seems to be.

New Topic Button on the upper left of forum category lists of topics. The button is not shown in categories where the member does not yet have permission to post or when the member is not logged in.

Jim "Oldgas" Potts
Your host and moderator