Hi Guys,

You will get no arguement from me about the value of porcelain versus tin or the graphic versus plain. Known it for years but ignored it when laying out displays for public viewing.

I don't limit myself. I display it all, paper,cardboard,masonite,wood,plastic (mostly light up),tin,glass and porcelain. I do it because I think they all make for an interesting display and a presentation of the history of gas and oil advertising.

I'll keep on displaying early,plain tin right next to flashy $1,500 porcelain even when I have to explain why it's there; rarity and history, not value. But then most of my displays have a strong leaning toward the presentation of history.Just my way of doing it.

Thank you all for your comments. I wanted to make sure I wasn't completely off base when I point out the rarity of early tin.