A few members have had problems when they try to login to Shop Talk. The two biggest problems are:

* Accurate spelling of both password and user name. This includes using uppercase and lowercase letters exactly as they should be. An extra blank space at the end of the user name can cause login failure.

* If you have registered a separate user name and display name, you must use only your user name to login. Your display name will not work.

If you can't remember your Shop Talk password or user name, click on the Lost Password link to have a temporary password sent to your registered email address.

* Some versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer browser have been reported to have some login problems. I recommend switching to the Firefox browser for increased security and user friendliness.

* Once you login, try deleting all your cookies from Oldgas.com Shop Talk. Cookies help you stay logged in and help your browser display where you have already visited and what is new to you.
To delete go to:
Click on "Expire Cookies" and then login fresh again.

Let me know if it continues to be a problem. If so, send me:

* The user name and password you are entering to login


* A link to the page where you have login failure.


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