Resize smart phone pics with an app for quick and easy upload with both Android and iPhones:

We now have a resize option here on the forum. Upload to the new "EZ Image Resize" gallery and copy the "medium" code line shown to paste into your message where you are selling or asking a question:

I've added an option 8/7/2013 for resizing images to work well on uploads, since has not been working.

On the New Topic and New Reply form is a Resize link just below File Manager. Click on that link to go to the new Resize Image Tool.

On the Resize page, register with your Shop Talk user name and password
You are not automatically registered. Click "Register" on upper right
After registering, click "Login" on upper right
Upload photo to be resized by clicking "Add Items" in your album
After upload, click the filename or thumbnail to view full resized image. Right click the full resized image and choose "Save."
Submit that saved image to the Shop Talk "File Manager" upload tool. (browse to find that saved image)
Do not link to the images within the Resize Tool. Others can not see the image in your album there.
Your "Quota" is the space you have. Delete prior images to open up space. That does not delete your image on the forum.

Do not delete your Resize Tool "album" as that is the space for your uploads.

Here is Oilcanman87's video tutorial on uploading pictures using our Resize Tool. First half is for iPhone and iPad and the second half is for PC computers.

Thanks, Oilcanman87 !

Let me know if you have problems, questions or comments.

This is not the ultimate solution, but I just got tired of waiting for the software developer to deliver the promised upgrade.

Pictures of the step-by-step File Manager image upload process:

Special image rotation instructions for iPhone:


Description: Link to access Resize Tool

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