At the request of members, we have established this forum specifically for asking questions and answers about the value of gas station and auto service memorabilia.

Thanks to long time Shop Talk member, Alex, for accepting the moderator role for this forum. Please follow the guidelines and limit discussion to only replies concerning value facts and opinions.

Remember there are other resources to check first:

Completed Auctions on e Bay

Matthews Auctions Archive

Please do not post offers to buy, sell or auction items in this forum category. Mentioning that you are looking to sell now or later will be considered a violation of the "no offers to sell" rule. Posting a "PM sent" post will be considered a marker that you have sent an offer to buy and will also be a violation of this guideline.

"Is this for sale?" is prohibited.
"PM sent" is prohibited, as it makes it appear that you are sending a private offer to buy.

"I'm thinking of selling ..." may be taken as an offer to sell.

Asking for a value without posting pictures of the item is a "shot in the dark" waste of time.
Pictures of the File Manager direct image upload step-by-step process:

Clean dirt off your item.
Measure and post dimensions of signs.
Post pictures of both the front and back of signs.
New member posts to this forum are reviewed for Guideline compliance before becoming visible to the public.

As a courtesy to the members who do help with values, we ask that when you do decide to sell, to offer them in our For Sale forum or announce an eBay auction in our Online Auctions forum.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Jim "Oldgas" Potts
Your host and moderator