We have been getting numerous reports from members about ImageShack virus alerts. If these "Alerts" are in the form of pop-up boxes, they should not be trusted. They are scam bait to get you to click on a button in the alert box. That is when the trouble actually starts.

* Don't click on pop-ups unless you trust them 100%
* Switch to the Firefox browser if you are using Internet Explorer
* Set your browser to block pop-ups with option to allow trusted sites only
* Install good anti-virus program and subscribe to automatic updates
* Be sure you go to imageshack.us NOT imageshack.com

I use the Firefox browser with their pop-up blocker turned on. Never have any ImageShack problems. Internet Explorer is vulnerable to a list of problems that Firefox is not. I strongly recommend the free download of Firefox.


I don't know how ImageShack has allowed this to happen but they always have allowed advertisers to insert pop-up boxes for ads. Apparently some malware bad guy is being allowed to advertise or he has hacked in to do what he wants.

The image upload method we recommend is using "File Manager" on the topic submission form here on Shop Talk.

Pictures of the step-by-step process:

Jim "Oldgas" Potts
Your host and moderator