I was on the fence the other day when this show came up for discussion and I was ready to defend them and say lets just enjoy it. Well I just changed my mind. After seeing the globes and shell signs they bought. It just seems to good to be true. I bet you if I would show up at that store and want to buy some of the same stuff I would be run off. Why would they pass on a clock face Wayne 60 for $600 dollars? That makes no sense at all. I googled Bill Shull and found some info on their trip to his hardware store and in the local paper article from Newberry they stated they don't drive their van to each location. They fly into town to do the show. I guess someone else drives the van or they haul it from location to location. I know it is hollywood but come on lets be real. Who would sell two shell signs in that condition for $475. Original all glass Atlantic globe for $75 and several lenses for $10 each.