I have wanted a set of these letters since I started collecting gas and oil items. I was looking at some other items for sale and in the back ground of the picture I could only see a small portion of the letter F. I thought what are the chances so I called the guy and he said yes it was a set of Gulf neon letters and if I was interested I could come and look at them (they were not listed for sale). He was super nice person and had decided he was going to sell some of his things. The price was great and I was thinkful to get them. Overall they are in good shape. The first picture is before I cleaned them up. I would like to restore the neon and repaint the housings. I do have a few questions for you guys.

1)If you were going to restore them would you touch up the edges where some of the porcelain is missing or leave them like they are?
2)They do have some fade on them and I think the close up shows that. Would you guys clear coat them to really bring back the shine or leave original?
3)Does anyone have close up pictures of how they look with the neon compete? I would like to have some pictures to show to who ever repairs the neon for me.
4)The most important question is how much do you think it will cost to repair the neon? I have already started to sell some of my other small beer neon signs I have to help pay for the restoration.