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You have been selling these since Apr 2007 on Ebay but still donít have a die or anyway to mark them? What good is this for the hobby?

as mentioned... I will add the die mark to each and every embossed sign I make. Since late May, when I agreed to manufacture a die and stamp signs as a replica, made in 2011, I have not sold a single embossed sign which does not have this mark. In fact I have not sold a single embossed sign at all - I am holding them here, waiting for the die.

I have done my absolute best to understand the reasonable requests (see: Tara Worsham), so please try to find a way in which to be reasonable with me. If you think I have not done enough - point out the specific ways in which I have failed to do so. Please don't just give me general diatribes filled with moral judgments; it makes sense for neither of us.

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