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Dave, I love those Pictures from Booneville!! I am going to get out there one of these years to see that.

I've been trying to go for decades, but have always been unable to go due to that JOB thing. This year I find myself unemployed, so on a Wed. night I decided to go-loaded up the Suburban and left Thurs. morning. It was an experience I cannot wait to redo with my son and perhaps friends. I highly recommend it. There's no B.S., just cars and car people. As I was leaving I began contemplating the whole thing and realized-there wasn't even a cop (real or rental) to be seen on the salt. To me that speaks volumes for the whole deal.

Here's a link to my FB page with several more pics if anyone is interested: https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=1555581683&sk=photos

And thanks for the compliment-glad you like the pics.

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Collecting the Mississippi companies:
Billups, Southland, Rose Oil,Crystal Oil, Barq's