PhotoBucket app for your smart phone:
You can take new photos or select photos already on your phone to upload to Photobucket. Be sure to set your options to resize your uploaded pics as explained near the end of these instructions.

Android instructions -
* Open the PhotoBucket app
* For an existing picture on your phone, tap on the picture gallery icon at the bottom of the screen
* Scroll through and tap on the image you want
* Back at the app, tap "Save"
* Then give it a caption and then tap "Share"
* After it uploads to Photobucket, tap your pic then tap on "URLS" under your photo. Then code lines for displaying the image are shown
* Find the code box that starts with "[IMG "
* Hold your finger on that box for several seconds. A menu may pop-up or you may have to tap your Menu button
* Select "Copy" from the menu
* Now go to Shop Talk with your phone and compose your reply or new topic
* In your message text box, tap enter to get to a new line and hold your finger there. Choose "Paste" from the menu and your image code line should appear in your message text box.
* Tap the "Preview" button to see if it all worked out
* Tap the Submit button if everything displays OK or go back and edit if something is wrong.
* Try it in the Shop Talk "Testing Area" forum.

PhotoBucket also has a mobile upload option with no app needed:

You can send your image via MMS (send image like a text message) directly to your account.

* Login to your Photobucket account
* Click to Upload
* Choose "Mobile phone" from the upper left drop-down menu
* On the Mobile page, write down the unique email address for your account (or print the page)

Automatic Resize:

* On the Mobile page, click on the link near the bottom "Customize your upload options"
* On the Options page, click on the dot for "640x480"
* On the Options page, check the box to "Remove location info" then click to "Save"

* Put that upload email address in your phone contacts, so you can easily upload an image by MMS and it will be resized automatically.
* Send pic by MMS, get the code line from PhotoBucket as explained above and then post on

Photobucket Mobile email upload

Photobucket option settings

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