Heres a Cities Service Flange sign that has me suspicious. These were repopped back in the 80's and I think a few of them are starting to surface. The paint quality on all of the suspicious ones is always the same. The paint has all these little bubbles in it and the entire sign almost looks like its clear coated?
Another Old Gasser brought one to show me at Columbia and the appearance was the same. I have a Kerosene flange that I know to be original and I have a flat sign just like this flange and the paint on both of them is perfect, without that glossed over look like it was clear coated. Also, no paint bubbles.
Every old Cities Service sign that I've ever seen that was known to be an original, had flawless paint and was never shined up like this flange. I'm almost positive that its a clear coating because its kind of yellowed while retaining the gloss.
My own thoughts on the bubbles is some sort of reaction between the clear coat and the basic paint? Maybe applied too early? It just isn't right and I have a hard time believing that Cities Service would have allowed production of these poor quality signs for their advertising. I have held 2 different ones in my hands and I'm scared that these are repops and worse yet, they're plentiful! One more thing--They have all been NOS signs! Funny that there would be that many NOS ones!
Any of you have some thoughts?

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