Ya know... I really have to re-think my membership in this OldGas group. I agreed a year ago that posting the number of member posts to the left should be dropped, as way too many folks used it as a self proclaimed badge of "king of the forum". Someone asked above "who got tarred and feathered - thought you all were just a bunch of fun-loving guys". Well, for the umteenth time, I feel like I just got tarred and feathered (again) in the General Questions forum for asking a simple straight forward question. So many of the posts I (and others) place are answered with put downs, ridicule, "whats-wrong-with-yous" and in general made to feel like some ignorant newbie collector. Quite frankly I'm tired of it and wonder what happened to good old fashioned pleasantness, helpfulness, and positive encouragement. People who start their replies with "No offence but you new collectors do realize" and then go on to try to convince others that they're top expert in the Petroliana collecting hobby just smacks to me of school yard bully syndrome. It really is too bad that some just canít help but put everyone else down in a vain attempt to boost their own lousy self esteem.
Again, I have to wonder is there anyone in this entire forum who understands courteousness and simple manners? Someone who is in it just for nothing more than having fun and wanting to help others?
Jim, I do applaud you as the moderator, but don't envy you as the one who has to police the thing.
Nuff said... I'm signing off.