this is the second mobil aviation and also being made in mobil marine pumplate that i have seen in the last month. the first one i saw was mobil marine went thru private auction and sold for 1100 + 15% same auction house couple weeks later had the mobil aviation that sold for a little over 1200+ 15%. this one showed its face at a local show the measurements of these knockoffs are 12 1/2" wide X 12 1/4" height. everything by feel quick look seems so correct until you really take a close look and measurements. i let the guys know that its a knockoff and they re priced it accordingly. they truly are getting the near perfect feel on these signs. just a heads up i have a feeling you will start seeing more and wanted to let you know. i will also be posting more repops being sold as legit that are at this show in the next couple days.

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011 Small Web view.jpg

012 Small Web view.jpg