I am selling my Frontier Gas Globe. I bought this about 2 years ago from a man that lived in Northern Colorado. He said he bought a cabin in 1962 in the mountains outside Ft. Collins and the globe was in the cabin when he bought it. He said this is from a gas station originally in Fort Collins Colorado.

The globe is in great shape. The glass is perfect (minus the factory imperfections). The Capco body has a crack (see picture) at the very top. This also comes with the original pump mounting ring. When I was researching value, it took a while for me to find when the last time an original Frontier globe was for sale.

I will ship this through FedEx, where they will insure and package it. $900 obo plus shipping.

frontier 1.JPG

frontier 1a.JPG

frontier 2.JPG

frontier 3.JPG

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