An oil/gas distributer in Bruce Wi had an auction this week. I acquired what appears to be an Erie 175. Here is the description. It looks like the pump on p. 97 of the Benjamin-Henderson book except for the top. There is now a horizontal pipe with a brass downspout instead of a hose and nozzel. It was painted green, which has pealed off the brass cylinder. Even has the 1 & 2 qt. stops. Has a Wis. DOT sticker and a wire through the adjusting screw with a lead seal stamped 58. On the backside of the handle is a very new looking oval aluminum model tag for Bennett. The model number is 1307PS. I am guessing this pump was retrofitted and used inside a warehouse for something. Now for the questions:

l. Is my quesswork on the right track or way off base?
2. If A.O.Smith bought out Erie (p. 82 B & H) how come a Bennett tag? Did someone just put a tag on to please the DOT?
3. Granted our Wis. northwoods were late in getting electricity, so a handpump would be an advantage, but why use a 1 gal as late as 1958? Could it have been used for something other than gasoline?
4. Is anyone else interested in curbsides? They are neat: ie. old, small, less expensive than visibles,etc.? Looks to be fun & a very easy restoration.