Well after talking with Jim I have decided to give COTM a try. Many of you have said you would like to see this thread started again, so with that being said I am hoping that a lot of you will participate and make this thread great again. If any of you would like to see certain companies send me a pm and we will try and make it happen. Nothing on this site will change unless all of us make it change. I know it will never be like it was but we can get some of it back if we all try young and old members. One thing I have to mention please out of respect for everyone do not copy any of the pictures so that you can have something reproduced. Many people here have taken years to compile there collections and do not like that being done. I think that is why some do not post pictures anymore is because that has been done many times. 
I thought I would start this month with something kind of broad to make it easy. So COTM this month will be farm bureaus and COOP's. so if you have any globes, cans, signs, maps, anything let see them. 

Also I just talked with Jim and there is a way to watermark your photos if need be I haven't tried this yet but will very soon.

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