Not a bad question at all.

First and foremost, Any item appearing on this list is not endorsed or guaranteed to be original by Interested bidders should use the same logic as with any eBay auction.

I write a search query that attempts to present a results list with "this NOT that" language so the results block out many of the items that are a waste of time.

EBay then feeds a linked list of auction items that are within the parameters that I specified. I do not have control over each and every item.

I do this in hope that this optimized search can eliminate most of the junk results from a normal search.

Clicking the links, and bidding to win, can earn an advertising referral credit that add up to pay the bills to run this site. Thanks to all who spend a little time to bid from the links we provide!

Jim "Oldgas" Potts
Your host and moderator