i have a question. which pump is the #1 pump? NOT THE MOST $$$VALUABLE. NOT THE RAREST. but which one is everyones favorite? - i bought my first pump in 1988. i had never heard of gilbarco/wayne/bennett/etc.... but i ended up with 1 then 2 then 3-4-etc... 6 foot elect. pumps. and i only wanted 1 to restore for my driveway. i couldnt get interested in any i had gotten i never saw any books or nothin then. i planned on paintin one with house of color candy paint & puttin major time in it. but these i had didnt do it for me. BUT then i saw a pump near my house one day. so i pulled in & said thats the one i want!!! i ran over to see the tag on it. AND... it said WAYNE cut60! the dude gave it to me FREE! so i went around & gave all my 6 away. FREE!!! & dont regret it a bit. ive got lots of 60s now! thats my favorite BY FAR!!!