Didn't put this in the BOTW because I didn't buy it yet, I put some money down and spoke for the mobil curb sign today , I have been interested in it for a while because my last Grandfather who is 86 and still is doing great remembers when this was a station and it has good local history to it , my older friend that has the sign does not own the station but it is next door to his farm and confirmed it was always a mobil station the best he could recall and said for sure this is where the the curb sign came from. I asked a age of the station and he said he was always told it was built in the teens? My grandfather said the 40's era is when he remembers it, its a granite block building as well. I was teasing my friend about the pickers and he said if the pickers were to ever show up he would run them off! I am not making that up either , hope you guys enjoy the station and his goodies as I asked permission to take pictures and share with you all , he said go for it!


I like SINCLAIR and old American made stuff ... No china items.