The price of a nice clean Wayne 60 seems to surprise me every time I get involved with buying one! LOL
I drove about 500 miles to an auction in southern Minnesota on Saturday to buy this pump and thought my odds were good!
There were 3 county fairs within 60 miles that day, and there was a big old time car and tractor show about 30 miles away, so I thought that an old Wayne 60 gas pump that wasn't advertised a lot, would be easy pickings!! LOL
I hadn't been at the sale for more than 30 minutes when another Old Gasser tapped me on the shoulder to say HI! I knew what he was there for and he was just as surprised to see me! We talked at lengths about the pump and when it got to auction time, he decided I was after it a lot more serious than he was, since I had driven 500 miles and was darned serious about taking it home. To make a long story short, he let me have it without bidding me up, but that doesn't mean it was cheap! The general public seems to like these pumps an awful lot too and really made me pay for it!!
After the dust settled, the other Old Gasser was kind enough to help me load the beast so that I could get on my way and get northbound! Its great to know a bunch of the Old Gas community and get help from others! Thank you Shayne!!!
Heres the pump!

Wayne 60-#1.jpgWayne 60-#2.jpg

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