I haven't posted here in a a few weeks. here are my buys: Kyso 13.5" wide glass, Diamond bank, marathon sewing kit, shell patches, bell ethyl matchbook to go with my globe, gilmore matchbook cover, and another cool bell matchbook cover. I will have some more things coming. Including a collection of 528 matchbook covers. Cool thing about the Kyso is that Katfish sold me the globe awhile back, but I got a message when he got the check, here is a quote... "Noah,We got your check today.Thank You, Now for the crazy news!We are going to send your check back and send you the globe also.I am sending it out Monday and I hope you enjoy it,you seem like a nice guy.If it makes it and you like it all you owe for it is if you find some old maps or something small like that you can send it to Bobby's son Hayden who is 5 and loves this stuff also.Take Care Shorty"
I love guys like this! They are very nice, and are great guys to deal with!! Enjoy!!!!


Looking for any cans! PM me what ya got!