I purchased this sign off eBay; was priced right and was still available due to pickup only in a small Texas town out in the middle of nowhere. Had to meet a Rancher by the name of Orville (was listed by friend, Orville does not own a computer); once I heard that I knew there would be a good story. Orville tells me the sign was part of a pig pin on an old homestead that his family purchased in the 30ís. Itís ROUGH but got it to clean up to display; the story worth what I paid for the sign. So as Iím talking to Orville he says I have a few more signs; he then proceeds to show a 30Ē Texaco that had been made into a table and then says he has a 6í Texaco but it is being used as a top to one of his water storage tanks (see arrow in picture). He gets his hired man in the bucket of the loader and lifts him up to take the pictures. Spent a couple of hours with Orville, he showed me a lot cool stuff like an all original 1858 horse drawn wagon to name a few; again what I paid for the Goodrich sign was worth meeting Orville. Stuff is still out there in some pretty cool and strange places. cool

Goodrich.jpgGoodrich Silvertowns.jpgTexaco Table.jpgWater Bins Texaco.jpgTexaco Bin Top 1.jpg

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