Nice pic of the front range, Bob. Yes, we were up in Estes for the parade. Hiway 34 from Loveland just opened last week. Still lots of cleaning up to do in the Thompson canyon from the flood though.
Yes, the Elk know where they are safe. We saw probably 50 head within the city limits. Noticed the young elk was licking something on the cement by the gas pump. Sure hope it wasn't anti-freeze or E-10.
Love Estes but you really got to shop around for gas as there was 30 cents difference between the Shell station on the East side of town and the Shell on the west.
Hope you enjoyed the Cheyenne parade, Bob. Sure was nice weather for them this weekend! I hear it's back to winter come Thurs.

Looking to buy or trade old gas station memorabilia such as pumps, globes, cans, signs, free give-aways, S&P shakers etc. from the 20s-60s.