Pretty high praise from Mike that will be hard to live up to!
I was glad to help, but I also had a couple of pumps that needed to be sold! Granted, they were extremely nice pumps and I always go thru all of my sale pumps and repair any damage and make sure everything works well, like the computers! I wanted to make sure he would be pleased when the pumps landed at his door!
North American Van Lines does a great job on shipping and with 2 pumps going to the same location, their pricing is tremendous! It took less than 7 days to get the pumps from my door to Mikes! It doesn't always work that well, but the planets were in alignment that week!
I've always guaranteed satisfaction on anything I'm selling and maybe that makes me work harder to avoid any problems. Anyway, I'm tickled that you liked the pumps Mike, and hope I can live up to your praise! Thank you so much!

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