All of you remember my story about my Dad's passing last November and our wish to make a replica of my Grandpa's service station which unfortunately never happened. Well I have found the same pump models that my Grandpa's station used so my plan is coming together in just three short months with the help of many OldGas members.
I would like to thank the following individuals who without their help and unselfishness, all of this wouldn't have been feasible in such a short amount of time.
Thanks guys from the bottom of my heart!!! Dick Bennett, Jack Sim, Kevin Frith, Ric Esgar (DuceCoup), Brandon Esgar (Besgar) and Todd Tessman (Champlinman).
The two Wayne 60's and Hayes Visible need some extra parts, cleaning and original National Refining globes which I haven't found yet, but am on the hunt for. The Conoco globe was put on just for the pictures.
Thanks Again guys and Thanks to everyone on OldGas !!!


Collecting Conoco, Gates Rubber & Tires, B.F. Goodrich, Cliff Brice, Vickers, Mobil, National Refining Co., Philco, Ma Bell and Pikes Peak Hill Climb!