This Rebel Gas Car Wash sign popped up for sale somewhat locally a few weeks ago. Naturally being a Rebel collector I had to check into it. First I ran it by Founder, station owners, and bulk plant employees with no "I remember that sign" memories. Finally I went to see it with my own eyes and it looks to be a hand painted tin sign with some sort of varnish applied helping it look older. It also doesn't really match the true 6fter logo. Don't know how my opinion went over with the owner. It was sold to him as original and I think he has quite a bit of money in it. Anyway, though I would post it here so that if it pops back up for sale one day, maybe potential buyers might find this post.


rebel car wash.jpg

Looking for any Alabama based globes and advertising such as Coastal, Rebel, Interstate Oil, Foster Oil (supertane), Mutual, Oil Well, etc...