Many iPhone and iPad users find that their photos are sometimes turned sideways when they post them on our forum and other places on the Web. This is a glitch in the Apple iOS system that saves the image in a non-standard way. The orientation is saved as a bit of code within the image file. Sometimes the image will even have the orientation instructions recorded in two conflicting ways in the same image.

Might look just like you took it on your iOS mobile device or Mac, but looks sideways when you email it or post it on the Web.

Try using our Image Resize Tool to edit the photo before you post it.

* After you upload the image to the Resize Tool, click on the "item actions" menu just below your uploaded image in the Resize Tool Album.
* Select "edit photo" from the drop-down menu
* Click on the "Modify Photo" tab in the edit page.
* Under the "Rotate" heading, click on the button for Counter-clockwise 90, 180 or Clockwise 90 rotation as needed.
* After the modification, right click to save the edited image to your computer or device. Upload that image to Shop Talk using File Manager.

edit photo menu

Rotate Photo button on the Modify Photo tab page

Jim "Oldgas" Potts
Your host and moderator