Just wondering if anyone has seen these b4. I can't find any others after much research.
The gent I got it from swore up and down that he thinks it's real saying he saw the station owner reach into a Texaco branded box and get this out saying it was never used.
I believe his story or that he believed the story given to him but I know it's not a original.
The size is odd and the back is odd too.
I know the grommets aren't in the correct position and the porcelain is thin like late 60s/early 70s porcelain and not heavily shelved like it was on the 15" originals that I had at one time.
The back is a brown kinda sand-papery tan color and feel.
Did some company make some repops in the 70s/80s that anyone knows of?

...and... no worries, it's on my Wall-O-Repops and won't be sold, ever! My Oilzum repop has already served as a example that saved someone from spending $$$$?? on another one!


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