Thanks for all of the reply's. I do not want to paint them and chrome shops around here are very expensive. I brought a bunch of trim from 5 pumps to 5 different chrome shops for quotes about a year ago, thinking I would get some sort of small quantity discount. Wrong. This part alone would cost around $40-$60 each to have done!! $200 just for four hose guard brackets!!! (Not to mention the other trim on the pumps)

Craig, I will try your route. I was just trying to avoid buying re-pops all the time and I have never attacked any of them yet. I think I am just going to try to grind them with a moto-tool and then throw them on my buffer. I wasn't sure if anyone had any luck with some specialized wheel on there grinder/buffer and wondered what they used (such as 80 grit greaseless compound or maybe some kind of wheel that has some give like an expander wheel).

Also, I am curious why you have the chrome stripped first, instead of just grinding it off?

I will let you know how it goes.


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-Steve B. (WTB: 48" Flying A button, 48" black/org Phillips 66, White Star, and Chevrolet Signs. Also looking for a Wayne 866. Send a PM. Thanks.)