Here is another beautiful piece that I purchased from Paul Bell earlier in the year. Again, I must sell it for a classic car that I recently purchased. Another work of art and absolutely stunning paint! Here was Paul's description:

- All metal sand blasted down to bare metal and flattened. Metal sealed with either epoxy primer or white powder coat.

- All casting smoothed out flat!

- Automotive grade color coat / clear coat paint applied. Polly flourescent green and mirror-like black paint! Clear coat is sanded flat and buffed to a high shine.

- The pinstriping is actual paint, buried in clear. The decals are also buried in multiple layers of clear. Some of the decals are custom specifically for this lubester.

- Unique LED back lighting installed. 16 color selection available including white, all controlled by remote. Brightness is controllable too. Also can select slow fading or flashing to different colors. Super easy to use remote. This lubester really glows!

- Includes a custom glass cabinet door that magnetically locks, ¼” thick glass.

- There is a mirror base in the cabinet and two glass shelves, not cheap thin glass but ¼” glass, custom built for this lubester. The shelves can be adjusted to whatever height you need. You can either use this with the shelves or not, your choice. It also includes hole covers for the shelf holes you don't use.

- The dimensions are as follows: box is 29" wide, 13" deep, 38.5" tall. The oil pump itself reaches another 18" above that, total height is approximately 56.5".

Price is $2300 SHIPPING INCLUDED within the continental US or $1900 if you come and pick it up.