Im am still a relatively new collector to the hobby, and admit that I still have a lot to learn. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I'm sure that all these signs are reproductions that have been beaten up to look old. A quick look at this sellers completed listings is more than enough to figure that out. WHY WHY WHY do people keep spending this kind of money on these? Are sellers telling people that these are real collectibles and no one does any homework? Are people simply caught up in this "picking" hype and will buy anything? Why is this allowed to continue? Within 20-25 years 11 3/4" signs will be every where and new collectors then will be duped into purchasing them...and the cycle repeats itself.... I contacted the seller about it and they stated that they didn't know if it was an original or not, so it wasn't listed as such. Also I got called a "bully" because I told the seller that they are reproductions and that I reported their listings. I guess if I have to be a bully....then so be it... but I think I'm a nice person.

eBay item number: 221891774467
eBay item number: 321871576772
eBay item number: 321871515036

Sorry for no photos, my PC is acting strange... I'm sure Randy will be along sometime to get these photos up (and thanks Randy!)

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