When I did the COTM on Sinclair in '04 I used AOL to host the pictures. AOL discontinued hosting pics so they were all lost. It was a ton of work to post pics back then. The direct upload we can use now eliminates about 75% of the work!

A lot of work went into all the features we did back then. Besides Company Of The Month we had Sign Of The Month, Globe Of The Month, Map Of The Month, Can Of The Month, Pump Of The Month, Restoration Of The Month, Story Of The Month, Collectible Of The Week, Collectibles Of The Month, Buys Of The Week, Found Along The Way and probably a few others that don't come to mind right now. Some were short lived, some ran for many years. They all took a lot of effort by someone for the benefit of all.

Wanted: Gas pump globes:Sinclair & affiliates, IL companies. Ripple bodies. Anything Sinclair, Stoll, Pierce, 4 Bros.