How are you putting a value on a pump in a book if like you said yourself you can't touch it. I have only collected pumps for 5 years and I find the antique dealers ask about 2-4 times the usual value found on craigslist or other venues. The region being sold is a major indicator. The midwest and west are half the price as in the east. It is cheaper to buy from the west and ship to the east and still have a great savings. I would find it impossible to write a value on a pump for that reason. I do respect your vast knowledge on old pumps. Value is what someone will pay for it and drive very far for it. Of course, a pump you will value at $5k and you can buy for $1K or $2K is a helpful indicator. That will show the value in a sort of ratio from one to another. I do know that the value grows only in leaps and bounds and your book will be obsolete quite fast. I will get a copy.

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