Found in a friends grandpas barn (two of these). I cannot tell if they are original. No dates,labeled reproduction, or marked "licensed" . The retainer is aluminum and has a what appears to be "fresher" coat of black paint on them. His grandpa was a tinkerer and always blasted and painted his tools, tractor parts, etc. So it is definitely possible he "refurbished" the ring. Here is what I do know: retainer ring is aluminum and has a brass flat head screw to "clasp", inside of ring looks like it may have been blue at one time, Lens is reverse painted glass, lens measures 13 1/4" across. I found them on this site as well "Crown Silver 1956 to 1973 Gill". His grandpa was a antique tractor guy and went to many tractor shows throughout the midwest. He would always bring back parts, tools, and anything rare. Any insight is very much appreciated!