As a noob, I find it extremely helpful to have reference photos. Wanted to confirm these were not original before posting images to the gallery here. Hope I pass the quiz!

eBay Seller ID: gmjer777

To my untrained eye:
- Mohawk Gasoline : hair and face lack detail
- Indian Gasoline : The letters for "Gasoline" look too curvy. The horizontal line in G doesn't exist.
- Sunset Gasoline : Exact same sign is on Amazon and sites that sell reproductions.
- Mobiloil Gargoyle : First, it says licensed on the bottom right-- reproduction? Second, has 4 holes instead of 6. Third, letters (especially tilde) don't look the same as the one posted here.
- Harley Motor Oil (round) - Missing two holes at 3 and 9 o'clock. Text in Cycles missing fine serifs. (Plus he's sold several in the past)
- American Gasoline : Couldn't find a reference for a legit sign, but looks identical to labeled reproductions. Plus, isn't this pre-1930's? Wouldn't it be fairly rare?
- Indian Oil Sign (shaped like can) - Can't find any example of this sign except for on ebay. The one I've seen is just white and dark red.
Harley Oil Sign (shaped like can) - No idea. Going with fake based on other signs and the crazy bright orange rust...

How'd I do?