I had a Pricer sign and was looking for inserts and a couple of members on here helped me out with some copies and some original pieces.
I reworked the copies and had them copied onto a parchment colored paper so they look old.
I cut them out and attached them to black picture frame matting with double faced tape.

Pictures are of the copy I made and how the look in the pricer

It was a cheap fix and looks good.

If you would like a copy of the insert on the parchment colored paper I can get them made for $.25 a sheet and it takes two sheets for one pricer.
So for $.50 and some postage you can at least fill a pricer if you don't have the originals.

I am also working on trying to make some copies of the fold up numbers similar to the originals but that will take a while.

Just PM me if you would like some copies

pricer box inserts -.jpgDSCN.JPGDSCN8.JPG