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okay so I downloaded photo resizer. When I resize it do I send it to my email then go to old gas and pull off my computer? Sorry but I do not know how to go to old gas from my gallery. There is a spot where I can upload to facebook, email etc. How do I send it to old gas

Hi Larry,

Tom's directions in the first post of this topic are great.

When you save the resized image with the Photo Resizer app, it goes into your Gallery on your phone or tablet unless you choose elsewhere. No need to email or copy code.

* Login to Oldgas.com using that same device that has the resized image.
* Go to the topic where you want to put the image.
* Click on the File Manager link in the post submission form.
* Click the "Browse" button on the File Manager upload form.
* Select the image in your Gallery (usually the first one if you just resized it)
* Add text in caption box
* Click the "Add File" button
* Click the "Done Adding Files" button.
* Fill out the Subject and Post message box (no image code is needed) Preview button will not show image
* Click "Submit"
* Back on the post upload screen, it should show a number on the File Manager line for how many image files you uploaded.

Try it in the Testing Area forum to get a feel for it.
Once you get this down, it is pretty smooth to use.





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