Hi All,

I have some reproduction globes for sale you won't find anywhere else. These are a special run made for me by Pogo Gas using the same process original globes were made (silk screening). Lance did a great job, they came out really wonderful. I couldn't be happier with how they came out. All are marked; so no confusion here between originals and repro.

I was getting a little tired doing the same gas brands over and over again for pump restorations, I got these made to have something different! They are all 13.5" globes. I'm selling them for $210 each here on old gas. That price includes the CAPCO plastic body, just let me know what color you want.

This week is a little crazy busy for me, I plan on shipping out any orders next week. I have black, white, and red plastic bodies in stock, but I can get any color, just will take me a little time to get. Yellow is pretty sharp on these too.

Also, I'm making high quality decals to match these globes, the thunderbird gas decal is available now.

- Paul

tbird white - small.jpgred west white - small.jpgbig westblack w white - small.jpgred tbird - small.jpg
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