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I'm having trouble getting my items on for sale can you tell me what I'm doing wrong thanks gary

In the top post of this topic are the Guidelines for this forum. In the Guidelines there is this rule, - "New Members are restricted from posting New Topics in the For Sale forums until they have demonstrated knowledge of the forum and how our online community works with their posts. After 4 such posts, including posting an image, new members may request an upgrade to regular privileges."

You have not posted a photo image yet. When you do, click on the "Contact" link at the top of this page and let me know.

If you are having trouble posting even a test image, contact me for help after you have read the image Help pages.

Here are links for help with different ways of posting pictures in your message.
Pictures of the File Manager direct image upload step-by-step process:

Resizing photo images for easy upload using File Manager:

Easy photo upload from a smart phone using a resize app:

Our Testing Area forum where you can try out image uploads and posting:

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