I am new to the forum. I am getting ready to build a workshop that will hopefully look like a 1940's Sinclair station. I don't want to go nuts on the signage, but would like just a few AUTHENTIC period pieces. I have a really nice (nice to someone who can restore them... relative word, I know) set of Alemite cabinets and work bench that came from a Sinclair station in Springfield MO.

So, I am looking at signs etc. on ebay. Notice a huge cache from sellers either from India, or having them shipped from India. Having a hard time believing there is such a glut of real, signs, almost all with bullet holes and rust, in India.

Asked an ebay seller about this one: Sinclair sign on ebay

Seller is -trashcollector2016.

When I asked him if it was authentic, his only response was; "if i get it certified will you buy it from me?"

That is a huge red flag for me. I must ASSUME there are crooked guys out there that will "certify" whatever you want for a fee?

Am I correct? I am new to signage, and gas stuff, but seasoned in the muscle car scene, where the MAJORITY of "original real deal" cars are made up with fake trim tags, faked engine stamps and even fake docs, like window stickers, dealer purchase docs etc.