I left this feedback this morning:
The seller regularly sells counterfeit signs as authentic. This sign was same.

I got this message today:
My listing didn't state once it was original. You left false feedback for the item. You got a full refund and I paid shipping both ways. Have a nice day!!!!

I just sent this:[i][/i]
In church on Sundays we say a little confession that goes something like this. Forgive me for what I have done, and for what I have left undone. Your listings in a way fall to the latter part of that. When you sell a fake sign that you know is fake, and you don't state it in the listing, it is stealing. This isn't difficult.
Also, remember Dr. Laura Schlessinger? Just because you have the right to do something, doesn't make it right to do.
Here is the deal. I know never to buy from you or from what seems to be your partner, Rustyrelics. But in this case my wife had just died and I wasn't on top of my game at the time. And got caught up in the sign as it is one I have always wanted. I believe, as do MANY MANY others in this hobby, that the two of you somehow work together. Why did I purchase the sign out of Indiana and yet had to ship it back to Wisconsin? You both know exactly what your doing. You are perverting the hobby and history with tons of fake signs and you know it! Just because the people are to naive to know better doesn't make what you do, right. Why don't you put in your listings that you don't know if the signs are real or not?? Also, I find it very particular that neither of you have a single sign listed right now when typically you have tons of them. All I did was tell the truth. If what I said wasn't true, I think you would have been a little more upset with me than what you expressed. Unfortunately for history and the hobby, I'm sure you'll still do just fine. Now you have a nice day, okay.

We'll see what happens grin

Steve Coppens
Always interested in Sunoco items!
Really want a Sunoco National pump ad glass!!