I came across a Lion license plate topper (see the attached images) on ebay and jumped on it this evening. I won the auction but I have not paid for it yet. Before bidding, I had done a quick google of OG and found this topper below which initially lead me to think the ebay topper was real.


I did a quick comparison before the auction ended and determied the details looked right. The fonts matched. The "O" was wide and pill shaped. Colors matched. So I jumped in before the auction ended.

After the auction ended I finished looking OG over and found these:



Now that I have time to really compare the attached topper to these other ones, I'm concerned mine may be a fake. Plus it looks as though this seller has sold several other questionable items. Can anyone confirm whether the images attached are of a real topper or not?

I am looking for a real one. If this one is fake and someone has one for sale, would you please contact me?

eBay Lion License Plate Topper - Front

s-l1600 (2).jpg
eBay Lion License Plate Topper - Back

s-l1600 (1).jpg
Lion Plate Topper - Close up

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