Thought I would share my progress on my wayne. This has been a slooooow process to say the least, lots left to do.

A special shout out to Matt Alvarez who gave me the push to do this and all of his help and sharing his techniques with me. How many guys would do that! Ya got to love the inter web allowing us to talk back and forth.

When I found this pump it had a small Gulf 10.5 globe on it (might be wrong on size) missing front and back lower panels but a big thanks to John Kramer he led me to one and he found the other. Love this community.

It was missing so much paint that I was on the fence, restore or rust-o. So after talking to Matt it was decided to go for it and if it sucked I would restore it. Initially just brushed cleaned it and then brush painted it, man it was like painting a small island but got the outside done. After the orange I used wood stain per Matt's suggestion. After I gently wiped it down I used some stain clear but it was way too shinny so I ended up using flat clear which I really like. The best part was the paint made the flakes stable which was what I wanted. I was going to paint the base a dark blue but as I cleaned I found some white on the inside so that will be done when I'm done with the wiring which has been a bear, popping the circuit breakers 3 times so far. I've learned to a have flashlight in hand when testing it in the pole barn.

As said there still is a ton to do and it's slow. I shooting for the end of April will keep you posted. Les

as found.JPGupdate 1.jpgupdate 2.jpgupdate 3 flake sm.jpg
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