The pump of the month this month is the Wayne 70. I wanted to do another fairly common pump to keep the participation up. Last month we had fantastic responses. Way to go everyone! I think one of the great designs, simple, but yet eye catching. The Wayne 70 was first introduced in 1937, and they were made up until 1960. Although it was not really art deco like the Wayne 60, it is still a clean design. Some would say it was the successor of the Wayne 60. I am also going to include the Wayne 876, which is the clockface version.

Here is a list as follows:
-Wayne 70: 1937-1946. "Extenda-Hose" on cable. Came with 2 or 4 ad glass versions.
-Wayne 70-C: 1937-1941. Standard 4 ad glass pump with sight glass above face.
-Wayne 876: 1937-1946. Non-computing pump, 4 ad glass panels.
-Wayne 70: 1947-1960. Sight glass moved to top of pump with ad glass right under it, 2 ad glass pump.

This information is credited to Jack Sim and his pump book.

Post what you have everyone, and lets all have a good April!

Braden Splichal