My pieced together Mobiloil curb. I bought this sign from my dad a while back at the Pate Swapmeet when I was working hard at beefing up my trading stock. The original pipe had been cut about an inch or so below the threads. I rolled the dice and fought it and persuaded it until I got the pipe off the threads. I mated the sign up with a proper SOCONY big base but jury rigged it with the typical lazy solution of a hardware store pipe reducer. After a year of threatening to fix it the right way I finally pulled the trigger and did it up right. I got my dad to donate the pipe from his pipe rack, thread the base for me and loan out a pipe tap to thread the inside. My brother threaded the inside of the pipe for me in his old Southbend lathe. I fixed it the proper way so I could sell it at Pate this year to partially fund a nice 72" Texaco for my banjo. After I pulled it out of my trailer at the swapmeet and put it all back together I started liking the sign more than I wanted a few more Benny's in my pocket so I decided to sit on it for a while longer. It turned out good and well worth the effort.

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