I apologize for the late post this month. I have been crazy busy. The pump of the month for this month is the National A-38. This pump has great art deco designs and a beautiful top with big curved ad glass. I want to also include the National A, National A-1, National BM-1, National A-38.

-National A: 1936. Without the glass inserts for the top and had a visi gauge.
-National A-1: 1936-1940. Computer dial pump with sight glass. Also came in porcelain.
-National BM-1: 1936. Display case pump with sight glass.
-National A-38: 1938-1949. Computer pump with curved ad-glass panels. Came with white or black faceplates.
-National A-38: 1938. Clockface version.
-National A-38-H: 1947-1949. A-38 pump with 15 foot hose.
-National B-38: 1939. Same as A-38, but the clockface faceplates are different slightly.

This is again credited to Jack Sim's great book.

Alrighty everyone, please post what you have for these sweet pumps! Here is my only A-38. Enjoy!

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