I'm still working on that (&*%^%&*$##%&**) house.
I need money for materials to finish what will be my new shop area.
The sheetrock is primed, and it needs paint & trim & lights.

I have 12 CDs from the original batch left with the graphics
This will help you identify the different Veeder Root Computers from 1932-1949 (1956) Pics of the very first models.
!!!! CAUTION !!! You may have to read !!!! LOL
Only compilation of "Crankback" Veeder Roots in existence cool
$25.00 shipped
'Ol Wore Out Joe crazy

ps. And thanks for all the computer business !!!!

computer damage  CDs 010.JPG

Veeder Root Rebuilds.....since 1987
Veeder Root Identification CD
Clock Repair