I'm still working on that (&*%^%&*$##%&**) house.
I need money for materials to finish what will be my new shop area.
The sheetrock is primed, and it needs paint & trim & lights.

I have 12 CDs from the original batch left with the graphics
This will help you identify the different Veeder Root Computers from 1932-1949 (1956) Pics of the very first models.
!!!! CAUTION !!! You may have to read !!!! LOL
Only compilation of "Crankback" Veeder Roots in existence cool
$25.00 shipped
'Ol Wore Out Joe crazy

ps. And thanks for all the computer business !!!!

computer damage  CDs 010.JPG

Veeder Root Rebuilds.....since 1987
Veeder Root Identification CD
Gas Pump Clock Repair