Just wanted to share my most recent purchase, and then of course get any opinions/feedback. Pretty happy with this one, as I found a boxed set of Pennzoil Lube-X index charts. I would assume, these were in the service stations, and used as a guide as to know the service details of each and every car that could possibly come in for service.

Index' cards are for 1936, 37,38,and 39' for each individual type of car. And then there are manuals for 1939,1940, and 1941. The box is original, and although it looks solid black in pictures, it is actually a raw wood color, with Pennzoil printed very faint on front....oil and grime has turned it solid black over time. It smells so "good" as it all reeks of Old Motor oil. the back of the box, has 4 holes where it looks to have been mounted at some point in time.

I'm having a hard time finding much info, or finding anything comparable online. So just curious to know everyone's thoughts, and/or a perceived value. Thanks in advance!

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