Well..as many of you know,I've kind of gravitated to collecting clocks,but still love the gas and oil stuff. About 10/12 years ago,a guy I knew told me he had some Shell globes in his attic that he had found many years before. I stopped in many times over the years,but he would always say I had to wait until one of his kids had the time to go up and get them. And he would not allow me to go up and get them down. Fast forward to about two weeks ago... I was looking at a job,very close by,and thought" what the heck,I'll stop in and see if he's around. As I talked with his wife,I found out that he had passed away,but she remembered me,and as we were talking,her son got home from work. He said,"wait a minute,I'll get a ladder and see if I can see them." Well.. he wound up going way up in this very small attic,and a few moments later I hear" here,let me hand these down to you"
Now I knew they were Shell,but never knew what kind they were. I'm sure my jaw dropped a bit when he handed them down. Next night,we made a fair deal,and I'm happy to be the next caretaker of these two great globes. Each has a base chip,but no cracks!
So I guess persistence pays off!😎😎😄😄 Before and after pics

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Looking for gas,oil related clocks,especially neon and spinners .clock repair available. Mick